NanoInnovation 2021 Conference

NanoInnovation 2021 Conference has been held from 21 to 24 September 2021 at the Faculty of Civil and Industrial Engineering of Sapienza University of Rome, Italy. NanoInnovation represents the reference national event for the wide and multidisciplinary community involved in the study and development of micro and nanotechnologies and in their integration with other enabling technologies (KETs) in all application fields.

SENDER’s team members, Nikolina Kalčec, Barbara Pem and Rinea Barbir, participate at the Conference representing their results, as follows:

Kalčec, Nikolina; Ilić, Krunoslav; Drinković, Nikša; Micek, Vedran; Tűreli Emre; Gűnday Tűreli, Nazende; Pavičić Ivan; Vinković-Vrček, Ivana. In vivo investigation of inflammatory response of different doxorubicin formulations // NanoInnovation 2021. Rome, Italy, 2021. (poster)

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