The Faculty of Science PhD Student Symposium- 5th edition

The Faculty of Science of the University of Zagreb is organizing the Faculty of Science PhD Student Symposium for the fifth time. The Symposium was held from April 24 to April 25, 2021. In addition to many renowed lecturers, the Faculty of Science PhD students also presented their results at the Symposium through oral presentations, micro-presentations or poster presentations.

Nikolina kalčec, a PhD student in Chemistry at the Faculty of Science, presented her results via poster presentation, which you can see at the link below:

Kalčec, Nikolina; Frkanec, Ruža; Vinković Vrček, Ivana. Fluorescence spectroscopic study of the interaction of differently coated gold
nanoparticles with dopamine and l-dopa
// Book of abstractsPhD Student Symposium 2021, Zagreb, Croatia (online event), 2021. pp. 332-334 (poster)

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